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What We Do

We build great websites for clients that get it & are serious about their web presence, brands & functionality. We love what we do and bring considerable experience & expertise to bear on their behalf.

Our Clients

We love our clients! What is most important to us is the opporrtunity to do great work for great clients, really fix something, create something great, make a difference. Below is a selection of clients that entrusted us with that opportunity.

Our Services

What We Do

We typically build e-commerce websites. We use Magento Enterprise and Enterprise Premium as an e-commerce platform choice for our clients.

We specialize in A-Z development along with Magento CE (Community Edition) and EE (Enterprise Edition) rescue, data migration, stabilization and site migration.

We usually prefer Wordpress as a platform of choice

In addition to building rocked out e-commerce sites, we also build badass Wordpress sites (this is a Wordpress site). We also dabble in some other general CMS platforms from time to time.

A-Z Turnkey Development

Discovery, Business Analysis, Concept, Development, Testing, Deployment, Support.
A true turnkey solution!

Extension Development

Need a feature that is outside of Magento's native functionality? Let us bang out a custom extension!

Catalog Administration

Magento has phenomenal capabilities. We assist with back-end administration. Let us get you on the right track!

Store Migration

Moving to Magento? Let us do the heavy lifting. Products, Customers, and Order History from your old platform to Magento.

API & ERP Integration

We can understand relatives not talking...but systems should. More than likely we can assist with your ERP or API intergration.

Server Migration

Server performace got you down? Feel like you are being held hostage? We have heard that before, and can migrate you to a quality host.

Magento Enterprise Premium Magento Enterprise Wordpress McAfee Jira Visistat

Controlled Explosion


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Building a new website can't be broken down into some overly simplistic 4 or 5 step "Our Process".

It's a controlled explosion & anyone that has experienced it knows we're right! We named our explosive compound BA-9 & identified its 9 key elements.

Binary Anvil's responsibility is to understand, clarify and enhance the client's vision. Binary Anvil's posses a high level of creative energy on business process, working within budgets, design and programming. Budgets are a reality of life, and we do our best to work within a client's budget and assist in prioritizing their vision. We do, however, feel that it is ultimately our responsibility to ensure a reasonable budget has been set. The experience of both the developers and the client impact the project. Within each project, priorities must be set. Everyone's most hated element, there is never enough. Specific requirements that must be taken into account when building the new website. Some clients have more creative energy and resources than others. A client's vision is typically a mixture of design ideas, goals, and business requirements.

our Work

Our Fantastic Clients

"Below is a selection of our Clients. Case studies will come shortly."

SOG Knives Precor SOG Knives Seekins Precision SOG Knives Shedrain Precor Wall Tools Pure Food Fish US Optics Wall Tools Pure Food Fish Shedrain Shedrain Pure Food Fish Product Creation Studio G.I Brick G.I Brick Cake Paradise Afood Ave GA Precision Wharton Rifles Only

And the award goes to

Binary Anvil Recently received the highly coveted

Magento Enterprise

Fast and emerging Partner Award 2012

commitment to quality - innovation - dedication - Highly Coveted

Read about it

As a 2013 Fast and Emerging Partner Award winner, Binary Anvil showed tremendous growth in their
Magento Enterprise Edition business in 2013, while demonstrating a commitment to quality and innovation
during their implementation of Magento Enterprise Edition sites.

- Roy Rubin, COO and co-founder of Magento
- April 10th 2013

our Work

Some Facts

100% disabled vetaran

Binary Anvil is a disabled veteran owned and operated company

Why does this matter?

It may be important for reporting purposes. Federal agencies and many state governments offer additional incentives or benefits and at times preference to companies who subcontract or work with companies owned by disabled veterans.

Many private U.S. employers also have initiatives to hire and work with Veterans because they recognize and want to take advantage of the focused, unique skills developed by the U.S. Armed Forces and appreciate the sacrifices made by Veterans injured serving the United States and its allies.

Should this factor alone drive your decision?


Work with us because we build amazing websites and bend over backwards for our clients.

If you want to get technical, we build websites that help our clients advance their brands, have amazing functionality, increase sales, and can significantly streamline operations by fully integrating with your pre-existing ERP systems when necessary. We don't just build out-of-the-box websites -- we engage with our clients and work with them to collectively build an understanding of what needs to be accomplished. We then roll up our sleeves and accomplish it.

We hold ourselves to incredibly high standards, we shoot straight and are not yes men (...or women). The integrity, leadership culture, dedication to mission accomplishment, personal responsibility, and core values learned in the United States Marine Corps form the foundation of our corporate culture and work ethic.

We hope you decide to consider us for your project and that we have an opportunity to earn your business.

- Semper Fi
- Team Anvil

Certified Magento Solution PartnerBinary Anvil is an Award Winning Agency that has 8 years of business analysis, ERP integration, website design, and software development experience. We excel in custom web development using a number of best in class content management systems such as Magento Enterprise and Wordpress.

For the last 4+ years, we have exclusively used Wordpress for general CMS, and Magento Enterprise Editions for all e-commerce solutions. Magento Enterprise is simply the best e-commerce platform available and our clients rely on us to advise them in their best interest. This has allowed us to focus on a limited number of application platforms and develop a high level of competency in them.

In late 2009, we eliminated Magento Community from our new client offering and have used Magento Professional (EOL), Magento Enterprise, and Magento Enterprise Premium for all new builds. We are truly experienced Web Developers and Magento Integrators.

inary Anvil is headquartered in Issaquah, Wash. Our structure allows us to provide near 24/7 support to our clients through direct email, cell phone, and land line channels. We use Jira for customer support and agile project management. Jira is the best in class agile project management application and ensures projects stay on track and let clients have complete visibility with it.

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