Adobe Technology Partner Program

The challenge

The Adobe team needed a website where the partners could purchase the benefits a la carte as well as to redeem the benefits that come with their respective membership level. The website should support single sign-on (SSO) for partners using Adobe’s sign-in portal (IMS Client). The partners should be able to purchase credits to be used at a later time as well as for their membership subscriptions to automatically renew.  
The subscription functionality had to incorporate pro-rating for when the partner changed membership levels midway through their subscription. Adobe also wanted to integrate their ticket management system, Workfront, to the new website so that their partners can track the current state of the tickets that they created. 

  • Integration with Adobe’s IMS
  • Pre-paid credits
  • Auto-renewal Cancellation for Membership Subscriptions
  • Pro-rated Subscriptions
  • Workfront Integration
  • Custom Subscription Renewal Emails
  • Partner Benefits
  • Product Badges
Adobe Challenge


The goal was to build an e-commerce website that will allow the TPP partners to browse and purchase a la carte benefits, as well as to purchase the next partnership level (i.e. silver to gold member). The website will also allow the partner to purchase pre-paid credit to be used at a later time to purchase products.


The website should be consistent with Adobe’s known styling and make it look seamless as partners transition between portals.  The implementation also takes responsiveness as an important requirement to give a more flexible and convenient experience for partners accessing the website from any device.


Utilize Adobe Commerce’s native functionality to provide the Adobe team with an almost complete system that will fulfill their needs in managing their product offerings, sales, and partner benefits in an efficient manner.


Ensure that the management of product offerings towards tiered partnerships is easy to manage as possible. This includes allowing the administrators to easily segment products for visibility, usage count, and other custom features that dictate the products’ availability and limits for each partnership tier.


Implemented several custom modules to extend functionality beyond the native Adobe Commerce’s capability to fulfill the Adobe team’s business requirements.

Adobe device image

What we did


Designed the website to reflect Adobe's brand identity while retaining the best user experience possible. The implementation also involved responsive web design (RWD) to provide flexibility and convenience to the partners accessing the website on any device.


Designed an easier way to manage their catalog to allow them to restrict and allow access depending on partnership levels.  Also introduced custom features that will allow Adobe to limit product purchases, specify special pricing and manage visibility depending on levels.


Leveraged Adobe’s sign-in portal (IMS Client) to implement a functionality that enables single sign-on between the main Adobe website and the Adobe TPP website.


Provided a module that allows partners to purchase online credits that can be stored and used at a later date as an alternative payment option when purchasing anything on the Adobe TPP website. The customer can also make purchases by combining their prepaid credit with a regular payment method.


Extended the functionality of a 3rd-party extension used for the membership subscriptions to allow partners to opt for disabling the automatic renewal of their currently active membership subscription by the time it expires. The extended functionality can also provide downgrade options to the partner when they cancel the auto-renewal.


Provided functionality that allows a partner with an ongoing subscription to switch/upgrade to a higher tiered subscription with pro-rated monthly pricing.


Worked closely with the Adobe team to integrate Workfront to their Adobe TPP website.  A partner that has opened a Workfront case associated with his company/partner account can also see the corresponding case number and status in the Adobe TPP storefront.


Extended the functionality of the 3rd-party extension used for the membership subscriptions to enable the Adobe TPP website to send out custom subscription renewal-related emails to partners with custom dynamic variables based on the specific status or data in their respective partnership accounts.

Integrations / Technological partners

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