The challenge

Leupold & Stevens came to Binary Anvil without a traditional eCommerce storefront. Their website gave the consumer the ability to see and compare products but was not transactional for the average consumer and needed modernization. Leupold needed the business capability to sell products online, as well as highlighting their dealer network. Aside from significantly overhauling their look and feel, Binary Anvil also needed to develop an easier way for customers to shop ranging from your average consumer to the experienced hunter that knows their Leupold & Stevens products.

  • Website Redesign & Ecommerce Re-platform
  • Adobe Commerce and Oracle Integration
  • Improved Header & Main Navigation
  • Custom VIP Program Integration
  • Custom RMA & Warranty for Orders Made Outside of Leupold.com
  • Custom Dial Shopping
  • Custom Product Registration
  • Custom Series Pages for Better Product Showcasing
Best of Leupold


Leupold & Stevens stressed the importance of being able to easily search products and transact online, but not hurt their dealer network at the same time. Leupold & Stevens relies on their dealer network to sell and promote their brand to the everyday consumer.  Binary Anvil worked closely with Leupold & Stevens to understand their business and extend Magento to exceed their expectations.


With the rise of multiple devices that can access online stores, the website should be responsive and easy to use on these platforms. It should also be lightweight and reflective of the new age design style to make it more appealing to the end-users.


Make the website easily shoppable for any type of hunter to find the perfect product for them as quickly as possible.


Utilize Magento's native functionality to provide Leupold & Stevens an easier management system, enhancing their online marketing capabilities by leveraging Magento's widgets and dynamic segmentation.


Customize a return and warranty management system for customers to easily and quickly find what they need and send their items back to Leupold & Stevens as needed.


Customize a product registration page so that consumers that buy directly from Leupold & Stevens or from a dealer can easily and quickly register a product for warranty purposes.


What we did

01 Website redesign & ecommerce re-platform

Redesigned the website to reflect the brand’s identity and incorporate the eCommerce element to it just as Leupold & Stevens wanted it. Binary Anvil also incorporated a progressive mobile experience to make the website perform optimally on all known devices. On top of that, we utilized native Adobe Commerce Cloud features together with our own customizations to transform an otherwise non-transactional website into a full eCommerce one with improved navigational structure and product showcasing prowess for the ultimate customer experience.

02 Adobe Commerce and Oracle Data Integration

Binary Anvil utilized Jitterbit as the middleware integration between Adobe Commerce and Oracle to pass important data related to products, customers, inventory, sales, etc.  This includes several API call actions like sending new records and updating existing records between platforms.

03 Improved Main Navigation

Binary Anvil developed a multi-faceted navigation scheme that allows the end-user to find an individual product from multiple starting points and shop by activity, type, or brand. This is only made possible by a well-thought-out catalog data model that effectively segregates product type variants for a more consistent shopping experience.

04 Custom VIP Program integration

A semi-automated and fully-integrated custom VIP program that allows Leupold to manage their VIP members and provide them with specific limited discounts based on their professional field.  These discounts can vary per product type with limits on how many can be purchased within a given timeframe.  The verification process is handled by Sheer ID and is integrated with Magento to process the verification status results.

05 RMA Independent of POS

Implemented a custom warranty management where it allows customers to take advantage of the Leupold warranty and requesting their warranty on the website regardless of where they purchased their Leupold products.  By describing online what warranty issues they are having, Leupold can approve or reject these requests as well as keep records of all warranty requests made on the website.

06 Custom Dial Shopping

A custom dial shopping experience that allows customers to order a free or full-price custom dial depending on the product they previously purchased. The selling point of this feature is that it tracks whether a specific serial number is qualified for a free custom dial or not.  It is integrated with Leupold’s own database of serial numbers that can return an immediate response whether a specific request for a dial is going to be free or not.

07 Custom Product Registration

Allows Leupold customers to register their Leupold product on the website even if they purchased the products outside of it.  This feature allows them to trace the customer’s purchased products through their serial numbers for warranty purposes.

08 Custom Series Page

A custom Magento product type that is solely driven by brand identity and visual marketing.  It allows Leupold to showcase their products as how the public sees them - a manufacturer and an established brand, first and foremost.

Integrations / Technological partners

Adobe Commerce offers continuous delivery of cloud-based services, giving you the benefit of instant access to the latest software version, infrastructure improvements and functionality. Use out-of-the-box tools, integration environments, and optimized performance for the front and back ends to ensure your store is always running.

Real-time, fully-integrated, easy to use ERP Systems that simplify your business success. They serve a broad range of industries across the disciplines of Manufacturing and Distribution.

Jitterbit is an API integration platform that allows companies to easily connect to SaaS, on-premises and cloud applications that enable businesses to make more effective decisions by unifying data from all sources.

A quick and easy way to verify LEO, federal employees, and active and retired military members for a VIP discount program.

Another analytics tool was added to the website that measures the effectiveness of the advertising on the website.  For Leupold, we installed trackers to specific customer actions like adding to cart, initiating checkout, successful purchase, or viewing specific product content (specific to which product type).

A powerful shipping management software that will allow for flexible shipping methods and rates catered on how you do your business.  It allows multiple flat rates, table rates, live carriers (FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.), as well as being able to cater to complex shipping fulfillment requirements like dimensional packing, multi-origin shipping, address validation, freight, and specified delivery dates.

Powerful dealer locator platform that allows the customer to browse through Leupold dealers, as well as showing the products they currently sell per store and location.

A customer relationship management software focused on customer experience automation, email marketing, sales and marketing automation.

Kount is a comprehensive digital fraud protection software that gives online merchants a chance to reduce and even prevent fraud.  It can automatically screen orders placed on the website and able to flag suspicious orders using AI machine learning technology.

Binary Anvil implemented a single sign-on (SSO) feature on Leupold using Auth0 as the identity provider. Whenever a user needs to prove their identity, the applications redirect to Universal Login and Auth0 will do what is needed to guarantee the user's identity.

Enhanced product reviews platform that provides would-be customers with an extensive list of feedback on their products, as well as being able to provide one themselves (after a verified purchase).

Allows merchants and brands to build customized loyalty programs to maximize customer engagement and retention, as well as increase their lifetime value.

Vertebrae is a 3D & AR platform that utilizes augmented reality and a front-facing camerato allow online shoppers to virtually try on products, from eyewear to even cosmetics.