Badger Ordnance

The challenge

Restructuring Badger Ordnance’s product catalog was one of the larger efforts of this project. At the onset of the project, Badger’s product catalog consisted of only simple SKUs for like products that differed by color and size generally. The practice made the shopping experience on the M1 site tedious for the customer and difficult to navigate. The client aspired to leverage Magento’s configurable SKU functionality. So, the process began to create parent SKUs to house the simple SKUs and map the configurable options. Sounds simple, but data management done correctly is a time-consuming process and requires many iterations of back and forth with the client’s marketing and product data stakeholders. The Binary Anvil data team worked tirelessly to nail down a solution that brought ease to data management going forward but also met the needs of the client’s direct to consumer and marketing leadership.

  • Website redesign & ecommerce replatform
  • Backorder configuration in website scope
  • Customer identification management
  • Enhanced main navigation
  • Media download page
  • Enhanced dealer site header displaying company sales rep
Badger Ordnance


Badger Ordnance’s intent with this project was not only focused on a re-platform from Magento 1 to Magento 2, but also the addition of a retail site focused on gaining market shares associated with customers that fall outside of the dealer, military, and law enforcement population.  These two websites were configured in a way that allowed the dealers to take advantage of Magento’s B2B features while allowing the retail customers to have a more traditional online shopping experience.  This included a Binary Anvil built extension that allows backorder functionality to be enabled for the dealer site but not the retail site since native Magento inventory management configurations are global in nature.  

Badger Ordnance

What we did


Redesigned the website to reflect the brand's identity to significantly improve user experience and keep it up to date with today's design standards. We used a progressive mobile approach to keep the site's usability levels consistent across multiple devices.


Sifted through a decade of unmanaged customer data. Broke data out into retail and dealer customer accounts in preparation for the addition of the retail website.


Customers can upload, submit and manage their ID requirements in their My Account dashboard, allowing them to see their individual statuses (e.g. pending, approved, denied, expired).


Utilized Magento's native multiple websites capabilities to support the addition of a Badger Ordnance retail website.

Integrations / Technological partners

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