The challenge

Weapon Outfitters came to Binary Anvil looking to get a new site built from Magento 1 to Magento 2. They also wanted to improve their site’s overall look and feel with a fresh design. Some of the integrations done for this project included implementing some of Binary Anvil’s very own custom extensions, like the Media Library and the Shop by Brands extension.

  • Rebuild using Adobe Commerce
  • Website Redesign
  • Enhanced Main Navigation
  • Media Library
  • Shop by Brand
  • Automate User Verification
  • Custom FAQ Management System
  • Shipping Restrictions



With the rise of multiple devices that can access online stores, the website should be responsive and easy to use on these platforms. It should also be lightweight and reflective of the new-age design style to make it more appealing to the end-users.


Utilize Adobe Commerce’s native functionality to provide Weapon Outfitters with an easier management system, enhancing their online marketing capabilities by leveraging Magento's widgets and dynamic segmentation.


Ensure that the product catalog is best in class; having a granular architecture that can assist customers with their shopping experience. At the same time, allowing the administrators to easily segment products for promotions, increasing conversion rate significantly.


What we did


The website was redesigned and rebuilt from Magento 1 to Adobe Commerce.  Custom features are rebuilt or re-implemented to match current standards.  Several integrations were considered and updated to make them compatiblewith the new platform.


Redesigned the website to reflect the brand's identity to significantly improve user experience and keep it up to date with today's design standards. We used a progressive mobile approach to keep the site's usability levels consistent across multiple devices.


Binary Anvil designed and implemented a custom main navigation that includes up to four top-level product categories. Ad space in the main navigation can change based on what category the customer is viewing.


Provided a more detailed catalog architecture that vastly improves the customer shopping experience. We also streamlined the product attributes and categorization for ease and accessibility.


Provided a landing page that allows the customer to browse brands associated with the products being sold on the website. The customer can also select a specific brand to browse all products under that brand.  Brands are easily managed in the admin where you can add, edit, or delete any brand.  Each one can be edited to further customize their corresponding SEO information and associated products.


Provided a custom management system for Weapon Outfitters to upload and manage their digital assets that can be associated with their products.  These assets can be downloadable by customers for important documentation like product manuals.


Developed automated jobs that are integrated with SheerID to handle on-demand verification whenever customers fill up specific custom forms on the website to get discounts.  Upon submission, a job is automatically created in Adobe Commerce and sent to SheerID for verification. Initial verification takes less than a minute after that the integration is seamless.


Allows Weapon Outfitters to document several frequently asked questions and categorize them.  The FAQ section has its own separate page on the website with its own search function to narrow down topics for the customer.  The individual FAQ article is also SEO-friendly where you can customize its URL and meta information for search engine indexing.

Integrations / Technological partners

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