The challenge

Wengers came to Binary Anvil from a Magento 1 website and wanted to migrate to Magento 2 "Adobe Commerce". They also wanted a new look and feel for the site, as well as a complex integration with their ERP partner A+. Binary Anvil also created a custom parts finder which allows customers to easily find the part they were looking for without creating a frustrating search experience.

  • Website Re-platform (Magento 1 to Adobe Commerce)
  • Custom Grids for Trade Ins, Quotes, and Returns
  • Website Redesign
  • Custom Reports
  • Catalog Data Modeling
  • Parts Finder
  • Data Migration
  • Alternative Part Number Association



With the advent of Magento 1 being slowly phased out and replaced by Magento 2 "Adobe Commerce", it was imminent that Wengers had to migrate platforms and save the headaches of doing it at the last minute. Binary Anvil assisted Wengers in defining the vision and re-platforming the new website.


Since Wengers is going to transition to a new platform, it also made sense to redesign the website. The website’s implementation needed some enhancements to reflect the brand’s identity, as well as to improve its accessibility and usability across multiple devices since mobile usage has been steadily increasing during this time.


We assessed the functionality old website of all its custom functionality and collaborated with Wengers to determine which needs to be retained, improved, and/or added. We also discussed the new features and customizations they wanted on the new website and Binary Anvil implemented them using correct development standards set by Adobe Commerce.


ERP integration was an essential requirement for Wengers to easily manage their sales and products data. This was a major part of the development phase. We also modified Binary Anvil's customer Job Manager extension keep track of the data being passed between their ERP partner A+ that made it easier for Wengers to track the specific data updates received/sent to the Adobe Commerce admin.


As a standard process of migrating an existing website from one platform to another, Binary Anvil also transformed Wengers' old Magento 1 data to the new Magento 2 "Adobe Commerce" system. This included historical sales and catalog data.


As part of the package of redesigning the website, Binary Anvil also offered services for catalog data modeling to enhance their category and product configurations for a better customer shopping experience. By doing this, the main navigation and filtering of products in their respective categories were significantly improved, which offsets the complexity of the products that Wengers offers.


What we did


Redesigned the website to reflect the brand's identity and modernize it to fit today’s standards. With the rise of mobile device usage, we implemented this with responsive web design in mind to keep the website's usability consistent and seamless across multiple devices (e.g. desktop, tablet, or phone).


A custom search UI on the website storefront that allows the customer to quickly find and filter the parts that they need. This saves them the time from browsing through the many products that Wengers offers. The customer can filter using a step-by-step user interface where he can specify the machinery type, manufacturer, model, and component. This comes with a custom UI in the product admin as well that allows Wengers to easily define the products to show based on specific attribute values as the variants for this can be complex with using just the native Adobe Commerce field types.


Integrated Adobe Commerce with A+ to submit order data placed on the website, as well as create/update products from their PIM and pass it to Adobe Commerce. Binary Anvil modified our customer Job Manager extension that records when API calls are done that also details the data that is being passed or updated that are essential and convenient for tracking changes and debugging purposes.


A custom module that allows customers to trade in equipment and parts with Wengers. This module comes with a custom grid where Wengers can track all trade submissions made on the website with all the important contact and trading information.


A custom quotes module that allows customers to request a quote for specific parts being sold by Wengers. This comes with a custom grid in the Adobe Commerce admin where Wengers can keep track of the requested quotes, as well as the information of the customer for further contact.


A custom module that creates a grid in the Adobe Commerce admin that allows Wengers to track a return associated with their internal stock number, return date, internal invoice number (separate from Adobe Commerce), and the returned amount.


Developed several custom reports based on sales order and inventory data segregated by specific requirements that are needed by Wengers. This includes aged inventory analysis, sales profit by buyer and salesman, and sales by category. They function like native reports where you can segment and generate each one of them by date and other specific data depending on the type of report.


A custom module that allows Wengers to import custom product attributes of all types together with their values. It allows importing of dropdown or multiple select type of attributes together with their corresponding values which can include color and visual swatches. This module also allows the export of all attributes with details on all their individual configurations and associated values.


A custom module that allows the customer to login using their Facebook account instead of creating an account on the Wengers website providing more convenience for them.


Collaborated with Wengers to improve their catalog architecture including product categories and attributes to organize their products on the storefront for enhanced customer shopping experience.


Migrated historical order sales data, as well as customer and product data from Magento 1 to Adobe Commerce. This was done through Binary Anvil’s standard process of data migration with a mix of both automated and manual work to safely move sensitive data from one platform to another without compromising security or data loss.

Integrations / Technological partners

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