The challenge

Wiley X needed to re-platform from Adobe Open Source to Adobe Commerce. They needed a platform that was capable of processing a large amount of orders without down time as well as utilizing Adobe Commerce’s out of box B2B functionality. The previous site had a custom B2B module that was problematic to use and maintain.

  • Website redesign
  • Improve navigation for better customer experience
  • Custom return process to allow customers to return items not bought directly from Wiley X
  • Multiple websites set-up for B2C and B2B customers
  • Custom B2B wholesale grid pages for quick ordering and product comparison
  • Prescription builder for both B2C and B2B websites
  • Handling of prescription data for HIPAA compliance between Adobe Commerce and their ERP systems
Best of Wiley X



Wiley X stressed the importance of having a functional site, especially B2B, and the ability for customers to utilize a prescription builder while keeping HIPAA compliance. 

It was essential to respect the reason a customer was looking for Wiley X Prescription glasses, so we narrowed down the RX builder to key off Wiley-X's Unique Value Propositions first, followed by the need to apply prescription information to the order. For the key prescriptions verticals, we have:

  1. Digiforce – a patented high wrap Wiley X design
  2. Performance – For the individuals looking for glasses that are active
  3. Conventional – For the Wiley X enthusiast that wants great eyewear at an exceptional value

We leveraged our understanding of integrating Adobe Commerce with 3rd party systems to make sure that the customer's selections during the checkout process were properly conveyed to licensed professionals at Wiley X, as well as sensibly handle the submitted RX information to ensure HIPAA compliance. 


We leveraged the native page builder from Adobe Commerce to build incredible content pages that allow Wiley X to flexibly update or create new ones without our Binary Anvil assistance. Using the rich tools available and our incredible design team, we were able to create a series of pages that emphasizes how Wiley X products make their customers happy and satisfied.


The website was redesigned to further emphasize and enhance Wiley X’s brand identity. A fresh modern look will always boost customer interest and increase possible conversions.


Several custom implementations from the old Adobe Open Source website were either re-architected or re-implemented to be more efficient, and to improve overall website performance.


Wiley X’s B2B customers are an integral part of their business. The B2B website was redesigned to create a more convenient way for their dealers to conduct transactions in bulk. Binary Anvil introduced Wiley X to leverage the native Adobe Commerce’s B2B functionality, as well as developed custom features based on their request to vastly improve not only the customer experience, but their online business process as well.


What we did


Redesigned the website centered around the brand's identity and made it up-to-date with today's design standards and customer expectations.  One important part was the main navigation which was made to be kept simple, easy to navigate (e.g. by category, activity, collection, or profession), as well as easily managed by Wiley X for constant updates.  Other core pages like the homepage, category, product page, and content pages were also redesigned for a more modern experience for the customers.  This was done on both their B2C and B2B websites.


Utilized Adobe Commerce’s native multiple websites capability build both of Wiley X’s B2C and B2B websites.


The B2C product pages for Wiley X were vastly improved in several areas to enhance the customer experience as well as to showcase the products the best way that brands should.

For a Wiley X sunglass, you are required to choose a frame and lens color. This is typically a two-step click for the customers that has been made as a single click that allows them to quickly switch between available variants without all those extra clicks.

We also implemented an easy-to-manage Magento admin for Wiley X to allow them to add rich and interactive content for all their sunglass product pages to fully elevate the way they showcase their products without drawbacks to performance or customer experience.


Wiley X stands behind their products and when a customer needs to return an item, they can easily do that on the Wiley X website even if they purchased the product somewhere else.


This customization allows not only for a B2B customer to be able to search for products quickly, but also compare their prices and add them to the cart very easily without going through the individual product detail pages.  This custom feature also allows them to add multiple products to the cart with just a few clicks while staying on the wholesale grid.  This was designed solely for the type of customer that usually buys in bulk.


A powerful and flexible custom prescription builder tool that we built around Wiley X’s current business process for RX-related orders. A robust management system is developed in the Adobe Commerce admin that allows for easy management of RX products, while at the same time, offering a user-friendly, step-by-step interactive prescription ordering process for the customer that is shopping on the website.

Different processes and features were custom built for B2C and B2B websites, each with their own requirements and variants. This was built to support multiple website configurations.


During development using Adobe Commerce, content pages are strictly designed and built around the use of the native page builder.  This provided Wiley X with the most flexible and easiest way to significantly update their content pages without needing us to rebuild it for them every time.  This allowed them to maximize their resources and effort to deliver timely content updates without getting blocked by developer assistance.  Their content pages like ambassador pages, videos, downloads, and other media pages are all easily created and managed by them.

Integrations / Technological partners

With Adobe Commerce, you can easily connect shopping experiences across channels, add new brands and sites, expand into new geographies, and sell to both businesses and consumers — all from one platform.

Enhanced product reviews platform that provides would-be customers with an extensive list of feedback on their products from customers, as well as being able to provide extensive feedback themselves (after a verified purchase).

A free marketing tool that allows you to manage and deploy multiple marketing tags on your website without having to modify the code.  GTM’s data is shared with Google Analytics which allows you to measure your advertising investments on your website.

Klaviyo is an email marketing platform known for powerful digital marketing emails and campaigns.  When integrated with Magento, it connects with Magento’s native newsletter subscribers and linked them with Klaviyo’s list allowing for a quick and easy integration process between the two platforms.

An online verification platform that allows your customers to verify their identity from specific professional fields to be able to use promo discounts on the website specific to their profession.

Avalara is a software for tax compliance.  When integrated with Magento, it allows for correct tax calculation during checkout, as well as an added feature of validating addresses preventing shipping destination issues.

EmbedSocial is a user-generated content platform (UGC) that allows showcasing of curated social media content from Instagram or Facebook and adding them to the website in a way that's both functional for the user and easy to manage for the admin.

A virtual try-on integration for glasses made for manufacturers and brands that are looking for a fully scalable solution.  This allows customers to fit the featured glasses by either uploading a photo of themselves or using their device’s camera where they can see the product’s fit and appearance on them from all possible angles.