Yakima Chief Hops

  • Ecommerce Re-platform & Redesign
  • Multiple Websites Setup & Currencies for US & EU Websites
  • Custom Product Showcase for Listing and Detail Pages
  • Custom Order Management System (OMS) for Reservations, Shipping, and Inventory
  • Custom Product Type for Hops Series
  • ERP Integration for Products, Customers, and Companies
  • B2B Contracts Integration
  • Custom PIM integration
Best of Hops


Yakima Chief Hops selected Adobe Commerce because of the robust B2B module so that they could leverage it to grow their overall revenue; from taking a transaction that was very analog and transition it to purely online to free up sales reps and CSR time so that they could focus on other business initiatives and selling.  Customers were finally able to self-serve with ~70% of customers ordering hops online after initial launch. Binary Anvil worked closely with Yakima Chief Hops to understand the complicated business processes of allotments, contracts, and field/hop type that each customer was purchasing per their contract.


With the rise of multiple devices that can access online stores, the website should be responsive and easy to use on these platforms. It should also be lightweight and reflective of the new age design style to make it more appealing to the end-users.


Make the new platform easily shoppable for brewers to go online, select their allotments, and purchase/ship hops in a quick and concise manner.


Utilize Adobe Commerce's native functionality to provide Yakima Chief Hops an easier management system, enhancing their online marketing capabilities by leveraging the native widgets and dynamic segmentation.


Streamline their fulfilment process by implementing customized rule engines that vastly alleviate their overloaded CSR's while improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Ensure that the product catalog is best in class; having a granular architecture that can assist customers with their shopping experience. At the same time, allowing the administrators to easily segment products for promotions which increases their conversion rate significantly.


What we did


Rebuilt the website using Adobe Commerce including all the custom features and integrations needed to make their current business requirements and processes work on the new platform.  All custom requirements were scoped and built that relate and not limited to products, customers, companies, ERP integration, and several content pages.


Redesigned the website to put equal emphasis on eCommerce elements to cater to their customers, and content pages that are used to provide important resources and information to their customers, about their products, and any company-related information. This is also designed and implemented in full consideration of possible content variations between their US and EU websites.


Implemented a custom product listing page for YCH’s spot market section where their customers browse products with custom pricing.  This page allows the customers to quickly add their products to the cart from a single page, as well as display their prices, crop year, and hop type for quick comparison with other products without going through their individual product detail pages.  This grid also allows the user to sort by crop year or type which makes things easier for their customers.


Created a custom product type that is built to showcase the individual brands that YCH is selling.  It also allows customers to add multiple products under the said brand in different packaging to the cart from this page like how it is laid out in the custom wholesale grid.  This page also displays custom visual presentations of the brand’s brewing values, sensory analysis, and oil breakdown in bars and graphs that are completely dynamic based on the values configured in the admin.  This custom product type can be created/managed the same way as native Adobe Commerce product types but with custom settings added into it that allows YCH an easy way to manage and reflect the necessary content to be displayed on the storefront.


Designed and structured the website to cater to both B2B (brewers) and B2C (homebrewers) transactions without the need of creating a separate website for each. Both native and custom restrictions to catalogs are implemented to guard access across these different customer types.


Developed a custom order management system with respect to the ShipperHQ integration that automatically determines the lot number, inventory and warehouse source of a given order based on fixed rules established by YCH per customer or contract.  It acts like a 3PL where Adobe Commerce and ShipperHQ’s integration play roles in efficiently determining the rest of the order fulfillment which removed the required manual work on YCH’s side.


Products are managed from an external PIM and are directly passed to Adobe Commerce allowing for a more streamlined and efficient process of product and inventory management.  This integration was also built to work with their custom product series type that allows them to manage the configurations from just one source (their PIM) which makes their business process more efficient.


This is a custom functionality developed exclusively for YCH’s B2B customers that allows them to purchase orders and quantities based on their signed agreements with YCH.  This also allows the companies to track the progress and fulfillment of their annual contracts within their respective customer account section on the website.  This is developed with respect to their integration between Sage X3 and Adobe Commerce.


YCH is built with a website for United States and Europe with different variations between currencies, unit of measurement, and availability.  The US website uses USD as the one and only currency, while the EU website is handling 3 (Euro, USD, and GBP).  Due to limits within the integration, the Europe websites were built as 3 separate websites that could process different pricing (in different currencies) without the need of currency rates.  

This set-up also includes the architecture of handling of more than one unit of measurement (Imperial vs. Metric), as well as product availability (US vs. EU) using their custom order management system and not through the native multiple inventory source feature (MSI) due to integration and structural limitations. 


Transferred and redesigned all of YCH’s previous content pages from their previous non-Adobe Commerce website to their Adobe Commerce one.  For implementation, Binary Anvil used the native content management system feature (CMS) and page builder.  This allows YCH to easily update them in the future with little to no developer assistance.


Integrated YCH’s Adobe Commerce instance with their Sage X3 ERP to sync orders (invoicing, shipment, refunds, etc.), creation/update of products, customers, companies, and contracts seamlessly and securely.

Integrations / Technological partners

Adobe Commerce offers continuous delivery of cloud-based services, giving you the benefit of instant access to the latest software version, infrastructure improvements and functionality. Use out-of-the-box tools, integration environments, and optimized performance for the front and back ends to ensure your store is always running.

Sage X3 is an ERP software suite that includes integrated functionality for financial management, sales, customer service, distribution, inventory, manufacturing, and business intelligence.  It is a cost-effective, that brings together all of the organization's operations under one management solution and database. It is easily accessed online through on-premise or cloud hosting and offers multiple currencies, countries, languages, and locations. 

A powerful shipping management software that will allow for flexible shipping methods and rates depending on how you do your business. It allows multiple flat rates, table rates, live carriers (FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.), as well as being able to cater to complex shipping fulfillment requirements like dimensional packing, multi-origin shipping, address validation, freight, and specified delivery date.

Cybersource is a payment service provider that enables merchants to securely take online credit and debit card payments around the world.  It allows a seamless transaction experience using a single integration with Adobe Commerce.  For YCH, it processes all transactions made on the United States website. 

Ingenico is a merchant services technology company based in France, that facilitates secure electronic/online transactions.  It supports multi-channel sales including payment services and mobile solutions that cover physical and online channels.  For YCH, it is mainly used for the Europe website that processes three main currencies; Euro, GBP, and USD. 

Dotdigital is a customer engagement platform that helps digital marketers and developers deliver communications with customers. It enables brands to engage subscribers and customers, and records ROI across email, SMS, social, push notifications, and even live chat. 

Google Analytics 4 is an analytics service that enables you to measure traffic and engagement across your websites and apps.  It is designed to assist businesses in centralizing multi-channel data and providing more customer data after the initial acquisition, such as engagement, monetization, and retention.